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Mad Men’s Harry Crane

What is it about your character, Harry Crane, that makes him so right to handle the agency’s TV business?

He loves to schmooze—no doubt about it! He loves a cocktail, he knows where all the parties are, he has a knack for making inroads with the right people, he’s very business-flirty, he’s good at buttering someone up, holding their hand and making sure they make the right decision. Which is something Harry and I do not have in common!

Which actor on the show was the farthest from the character he or she played?

Vincent Kartheiser. I think all of us would agree, hands-down, that Vinnie was the farthest from the part he played.

How about Jon Hamm as Don Draper?

Luckily, he’s not much like Don at all. He’s a very good guy to be around and he set the tone early for our group. He’s on time, he knows his lines, he treats others with respect—so no one in the entire cast had an excuse to do otherwise.

Did you imagine that the Mad Men concept—which was very experimental—would be a hit?

I had done a couple of commercials, but this was really my first TV job, so of course I never expected this. I’m starting a pilot for a new show now and I have the same feeling—I have no idea what it could be. I like the script a lot, I’m hopeful it will turn into another few years of quality work, but you never really know.

What was the smartest thing Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner did?

Not ever letting the cat out of the bag. His commitment to—and enforcement of—total secrecy helped the show’s popularity and also elevated our thinking about the characters we played. Knowing that the stakes were that high added something to our performances.

Do you like where Harry Crane is heading as the final episodes unfold?

I’m very pleased. Clearly, he’s got his foot in the door, he’s made his intentions clear about being a partner, he’s on a good trajectory. Unless he blows it.

In a way, Harry is perfectly positioned to become a major player in the television industry. Where do you think Harry is headed post-Mad Men?

I have no idea how the series will end, so I have no idea what will happen to Harry. But you know, historically, people like Harry Crane ended up as power agents. I don’t imagine his ambition stops at being a partner at Sterling Draper, or whatever the heck it is now. But I don’t know that he’ll ever stop climbing.

What would you like your character’s last line to be?

I’ll leave it to the writers to come up with that. I’m just scared to know that there is a last line coming.

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