by Rachel Rutledge

Trinitas Is First in New Jersey to Offer New Image-Guided Breast Cancer Technology

The term “guesswork” is not a particularly comforting one for early-stage breast cancer patients. Once a lumpectomy has been performed, the diagnosis confirmed and radiotherapy initiated, women want to know that radiation is going to the right place. Now they can check the doctor’s work for themselves. In June, Trinitas Regional Medical Center became the first cancer treatment facility in the state to offer breast cancer patients a radiotherapy technology called AccuBoost. Developed by Nucletron, a company headquartered in the Netherlands, AccuBoost enables doctors and patients to actually see the area receiving radiation treatment as it receives it. In other words, no guesswork. The system images the site where cancer was removed so that the surrounding breast tissue can be treated more accurately with boost-dose targeting. “AccuBoost utilizes real-time mammography to localize the treatment,” says Clarissa Henson, MD, Chair of Radiation Oncology at Trinitas (above). “This technology is far superior to the current standard of care treatment. On average, only 51 percent of the treatment area receives 90 percent of the dose when using the current standard of care. With AccuBoost, targeting is improved and a more effective dose of radiation is delivered to the tumor site.” With AccuBoost, a technician can position the applicator so that it delivers the therapeutic dose accurately and reliably, with limited radiation exposure to the skin. The dose is uniform over the portion of the breast that is being irradiated, which reduces unnecessary exposure of healthy tissue to radiation and enables patients to retain more undamaged tissue.


“The diagnosis of breast cancer is one of the most traumatic for any woman,” says Dr. Henson. “Being able to see treatment as it is delivered through this new technology helps patients be informed and involved in their care.” “Trinitas was the first cancer treatment center in New Jersey to offer Rapid Arc radiotherapy technology and now we are the first with AccuBoost,” adds TRMC President and CEO Gary S. Horan (right). “It’s another clear example of why Trinitas Comprehensive Cancer Center is a regional leader in cancer care.”