In the new normal of compulsory facial coverings, we tip our hat to those who’ve been rocking them all along. Here is our totally arbitrary, unscientific Top 25 favorite mask wearers…


They wore a mask to protect their identities…

Dread Pirate Roberts 

Or Westley, handsome hero of The Princess Bride 



Sister Knight

Friend of EDGE Regina King got wrapped up in this Watchmen role. 



Bat Girl

Uh-oh. Don’t let Commissioner Gordon find out. 



Erik (aka Phantom of the Opera)

Lifted his mask for that famous first kiss. 




Do we think that’s an N95? 





His cowl looks more uncomfortable with each new movie. 


Never entirely house trained. 


You’d think the moustache would give him away, right? 



Green Hornet 

Crime-fighting editor? We can get behind that. 



Lone Ranger 

Fun Fact: His grand-nephew was the Green Hornet. 



Racer X 

Speed Racer’s brother, Rex. Rex Racer. Racer X. Hello? 



V (for Vendetta) 

Matrix bad guy Hugo Weaving played the anarchist in the Guy Fawkes disguise. 

Look Sharp 

They wore a mask to complete their ensembles…

El Santo 

Most famous of Mexico’s “luchador” masked wrestling champions, Rodolfo Guzmán Huerta starred in more than 50 movies! 


Captain America

Unclear why he needs the half-mask, especially on a humid day. 



The Phantom 

The guy lived on a remote island in a purple jumpsuit so clearly just bored. 



The Flash

Lightning bolts on the side are awesome. 



Green Lantern

Actually, not all Green Lanterns wore a mask so it was definitely a fashion choice. 


Hit Girl

Teenage comic book vigilante has become a go-to Halloween costume. 

Don’t Ask 

They wore a mask because, well, we just don’t know…

Stanley Ipkiss

The first guy to discover and wear The Mask, made famous by Jim Carrey in the 1994 Hollywood mega-hit.  


Jason Voorhees

The rampaging killer of teen scream slasher nightmares didn’t don his trademark hockey mask until Friday the 13th Part III, in 1982.  

Safety First 

They wore a mask because they had to…


No secret who’s inside. 




The Mandalorian

Helmeted star of Disney+ 




Hawkeye Pierce 

“I’ll heal their wounds, treat their wounds, bind their wounds, but I will not inflict their wounds.” 


Yogi Berra

Would his face have looked much different without one? 



Darth Vader





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