Sports Photography by Rob Tringali


Aaron Judge Baltimore, MD • May 2017

Rob Tringali can barely remember a moment when he didn’t experience the sports world through the business end of a camera lens. His father founded SportsChrome, the first sports photography house, and he has been capturing great athletes and major events for magazines, newspapers and web sites ever since. Rob’s work has appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated and ESPN the Magazine, and he is a familiar figure at the World Series, Super Bowl, U.S. Open and Olympics. His ability to isolate moments of power has made him one of the world’s top sports photographers. To see more of his work go to

Aroldis Chapman Bronx, NY • July 2017

Bryce Harper Queens, NY • May 2017

Jay Ratliff Philadelphia, PA November 2009

Serena Williams Queens, NY September 2017

Felipe Harrision, NJ, June 2015

Mark Burik New York, NY June 2016

Dustin Johnson Doral, FL • March 2011

Sara Hughes New York, NY June 2016

Rob Orlando, Stamford, CT, April 2011