The painting tradition in New Jersey is alive and well. A magnet for American Impressionists in the late 19th and early 20th Century, the state was fertile territory for artist colonies and renowned painters such as Thomas Eakins, Edward Boulton, and Robert Henri. Winslow Homer painted well-heeled vacationers at the Jersey Shore. Ashcan School master Everett Shinn was among a large group of painters born and raised in New Jersey. With the art market booming, their works are, sadly, out of reach unless you are a major corporation (or an oligarch)—however, as the following pages demonstrate, the talent pool of active artists working here is still deep and impressive. 

Penelope Deyhle, Adra Fish, 30″x48″, oil on canvas

Lisa Ficarelli-Halpern, Portrait With Castle and Carriage, 34″x38″, oil on canvas

Lisa Ficarelli-Halper, King, after Van Eyck, 36″x32″, oil on canvas

Wynn Gay, Memories of Paris 2, 36″x48″ oil, wax encaustic

Lucy Kallan, The Reach, 38″x50″

David French, Garden Variety Angel, 60″x60″, oil on herringbone twill linen

Luba Caruso, Perfect Day 36″x48″, oil on canvas

Sue Sweeney, Springtime Abstraction, 30″x48″, oil on board

Jill Kerwick, If They All Land, 14″x14″, oil on canvas

Hunter McKee, Bowl, 12″x12″, oil on board

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