“Without Trinitas, many would suffer agonizing pain and misery;  many would indeed lose their ability to make a living and provide for their families.” Grant Hobson explained, “A large city like Elizabeth and its surrounding areas need Trinitas to provide valuable healthcare for their diverse population. Trinitas provides quality healthcare for all regardless of color, creed, religion or the ability to pay for health  insurance. I truly believe giving to people in need is next to Godliness.” 

“I lost my father when I was 16.” Grant, now 81 years old, still thinks of his father often. “While he lived, my father was a kind and gen-erous man who cared deeply for those less fortunate. Additionally, my father-in-law was a well-known surgeon with a close affiliation to Trinitas. Through him I started to learn about the importance of the hospital to the community and I gained a similar respect for him as I had for my father. Knowing first-hand the kindness and  commitment that is shown to patients at Trinitas, the action of  giving to the Medical Center resonates very strongly with me. It is no surprise that my wife, who grew up in Elizabeth, shares my  sentiments and agrees that leaving Trinitas in our wills gives us the satisfaction of knowing that our fathers’ traditions will be  honored in perpetuity. This brings us a deep sense of contentment.” 

“My wife and I have no heirs so why not leave our legacy to an  organization that we know will provide an invaluable ongoing benefit to mankind? Rather than let the government, whom we do not know, take charge of our estate!”, Grant said with a chuckle. “I like knowing that when I am gone, the money that my wife and I earned over a lifetime of hard work will be put to good use for mankind by Trinitas!” 

God first, the other fellow second, myself last is a motto that Grant discovered as a child. It struck him profoundly and he has tried to live by it ever since. He strongly encourages others as well to  inquire into ways to leave Trinitas in their will. “For by giving to Trinitas,” he says, “you are giving to the other fellow and thereby ultimately giving to God.” 

Grant Hobson is a longtime volunteer at the Trinitas Comprehensive Cancer Center and a trustee on the Trinitas Health Foundation Board. Grant and his wife have left Trinitas in their wills. 

To make a legacy gift or if you have any questions, please contact Nadine Brechner or Bidisa Rai at 908-994-8249 or by email at or BRai@Trinitas.


Back to school time is here! Friend of Trinitas Lucila Roberts  donated boxes and boxes of school supplies for our pediatric  behavioral health patients. We thank Lucila for giving our patients all the tools and supplies they need to be successful in the  classroom this year! Receiving the donation are Program  Directors Mike and Andy.


More than 140 golfers gathered at Fiddler’s Elbow Country Club in Bedminster for the annual Trinitas Golf Classic. While things looked a little different this year, the socially distanced event was complete with golf contests, a raffle drawing, golfer prizes and great company. While our golfers were out enjoying the gorgeous weather, 10 spa guests had a day of pampering at Skin Deep Salon and Spa in New Providence. Above: Tom Frayne and Donald Van Biert of County Glass & Metal Installers with Trinitas President  & CEO Gary Horan and VP of Marketing and EDGE Publisher Doug Harris. For more  information on the 2021 event contact Kim Boyer at or (908) 994-8249.